MAPI, SAPI, TAPI Developer's Guide


This page exists as a 'catch-all' for requests regarding the book "MAPI, SAPI, TAPI Developer's Guide" and related code, including the TAPLINE program. Although the book went out of print several years ago, I continue to get requests about it. Even though I removed the web pages for this book over two years ago, I can see from scans of my server logs that TAPI-related requests are still hitting my server almost every day. For these reasons, I reposted the content here in hopes that those looking for the content will not be completely frustrated.

Notice that last line contains the phrase "...not be completely frustrated." I suspect many who visit this page might still find reason to grumble. I've not updated the code here since the original release in 1996. Lots of things have changed with the Windows OS, Visual Basic, C++, and the underlying API for mail, telephony, and speech. I am providing this material 'as is' with no guarantees. If you are still running VB4 on Windows 95, this stuff might actually work[grin]. If not, you might be able to pfutz around with the code to make it (somewhat) work with your environment. Whatever you do, please don't expect me to help you along. While I enjoyed working on this book a decade ago, I've moved on to other things now and have nothing additional to offer on this subject.

Peace to all and happy programming!
Mike Amundsen - 2007-09

CD-ROM Contents

I've pulled some of the material from the CD-ROM and created ZIP files for those who wish to download them. What's available from here are copies of the book's source code examples, some shared system-level files, and the major projects for each section of the book. This includes the TAPILINE application which can be found in the TAPI ZIP set here.

Book Contents

The book has been out of rpint for several years. In fact, it never really sold all that well. However, once it went out of print, requests for it continued. It turns out at least one server keeps a copy of the entire text of the book available on the web. If you wish, you can check it out at the URL below. I have nothing to do with the site and don't know the folks involved. However, if you find the hosted contents valiable, I encourage you to let the site hosts know. They could probably use the encouragement!

For those who just have to own this book, you can probably find a used copy through EBay,, or other onelin resellers.

Other Resources

Probably the #1 resource for TAPI-related info is Burce Pennypacker's "My unofficial TAPI FAQ" Bruce was a valiable resource for TAPI items in the past and his pages are still commonly referenced even today. If you have questions about TAPI, his site might have the answer.

There is a Microsoft-hosted newsgroup forum for TAPI: microsoft.public.win32.programmer.tapi. I can't vouch for the content and I don't hang out there anymore, but it might be another source for you to check out.

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