(tw|m)eet me at #WWW2010, win a book!

2010-04-21 @ 11:33#

i'll be at the WWW2010 in Raleigh, NC all next week and i am looking forward to meeting folks IRL whom i have come to know only via the Internet. of course, i'm also pleased to be able to attend the WS-REST 2010, Linked Open Data Camp and other cool stuff throughout the week.

i'm giving away copies of RESTful Web Services Cookbook

but here's some real fun - i'm giving away several copies of @sallamar's excellent book: RESTful Web Services Cookbook. all you need to do is send tweet me a message with the hashtag #RWSC and then meet me in person at the WWW2010 event. each day i will be carrying one free copy of Subbu's book. i'll give it away to the first person to mention the book and the hashtag to me.

i still would like to meet you

even if you don't need a free copy of the book (already bought it right? smart move!), i'd still like to meet you. i'll set up some meetup times at the main hall each day and we can hang out, get to know each other, and relive all the old times we are about to have[grin]!

i'll be arriving in Raleigh, NC sometime Sunday evening (April 25) and will be available throughout the week until i leave on the following Saturday (May 1).

so, (tw|m)eet me @ #WWW2010 and let's have some good times!