REST Fest 2011 is coming!

2011-06-28 @ 12:01#

it's that time of year again, REST Fest 2011 is coming August 18-20. it was a great experience last year and it looks to be shaping up to be a fun three days this year, too.

Keynote "RESTLess : Why you should stop using REST" w/ Jon Moore

the keynote this year is sure to be a doozy! we're very excited that Jon Moore will be coming to speak to us on Friday night. his presentation sounds intriguing (see the wiki for details). as his description sez: "If REST is a hammer, this talk will hopefully make us much better at recognizing actual nails."

it will be an excellent and thought-provoking evening, i'm sure!

Hypermedia HackDay : Micro-blogging Semantic Profile Challenge

this year we have a full day of focused hacking to start the weekend. attendees will all come together prepared to build and demonstrate compliant hypermedia clients and servers based on my ALPS XHTML Semantic Profile for Micro-blogging. this demo hypermedia design uses HTML as the data format and relies completely on id, name, class, & rel to provide semantic details of a typical micro-blogging app (, twitter, etc.).

i'm really excited about this event. it will be a great chance to see what it takes for independent parties to implement a "real" hypermedia standard and test each other's code. we'll be providing Nerd Merit Badges to all attendees who field a compliant client or server at the event, too!

Workshops : Middleware, Link Relations

this year we have two workshops scheduled.

Darrel Miller is presenting "A smorgasbord of HTTP middleware." in keeping w/ REST Fest practices, the presentation is platform agnostic and attendees are encouraged to bring their own examples of "middleware", frameworks, plug-ins, etc. to discuss and review.

a session on "Link Relations : An Overview" will also be presented by yours truly. not so typical of REST Fest[grin], the exact details of the talk are not fully baked. but we'll talk about RFC5988, HTML5 Link Relations, the IANA Link Registry, Microformats rel values, and more.

keep checking the Workshop page at the wiki for details.

Saturday Talks

like last year, all REST Fest 2011 attendees will be presenting at least one fivue minute "Lightning Talk" (we call them FiveInFive talks). things are just starting to shape up, but there are some interesting ideas floating around the wiki.

we also have some Extended Talks planned this year from guest speakers. so far Randall Tombaugh, Subbu Allamaraju, and Kevin Burns, Jr are confirmed. we expect a couple more extended talks and we'll keep the wiki updated as they come in.

so, we'll see you there, right?

REST Fest is a great chance to unwind, play w/ some new code, and entertain new ideas. we're not stuffy, dogmatic, or preachy. we're just looking to get to know each and learn from each other in a relaxing, inexpensive weekend.

so, my suggestion is that you sign-up, follow us on twitter, arrange your travel plans, and make sure you are there to enjoy it all with us again this year.

See you at REST Fest 2011!