RESTFest is a week away

2011-08-11 @ 12:00#

wow, only one week before the start of RESTFest 2011! there are still some tickets to this 'smallish' event. at least one sponsor (Twilio) is offering 'scholarship' tickets to worthy individuals, too.

OK. right now. if you don't have a ticket yet, dash on over to EventBrite and pick one up ASAP.

like last year, we expect ot have a lilvely and diverse group of attendees. so far our roster shows we have folks coming from Germany, Canada, Norway, and several parts of the US including California, Kentucky, Ohio just to name a few. i'm looking forward to seeing both old friends and new faces this year.

great line up this year

we have another great line up of talks this year. just like last year, all attendees will do at least one FiveInFive talk. this is one way for us to fulfill one of the core principles of RESTFest:

At RESTFest everyone talks, everyone listens.

we also have some excellent ExtendedTalks on tap for Saturday (Aug-20) AM from Subbu Allamaraju of eBay (Measuring REST), Randall Tombaugh of Microsoft (Web API: Bringing HTTP front and center in WCF), and Kev Burns, Jr (A Resource Oriented Hypermedia Framework).

and, this year's Friday night (Aug-19) keynote (RESTLess: Why you should stop using REST) will be delivered by Jon Moore of Comcast. it should be a very interesting presentation and discussion afterwards!

but wait, there's more!

just like last year, Friday (Aug-19) is our Workshop Day. this year we have two workshops! Darrel Miller is presenting A smorgasbord of HTTP middleware and yours truly is presenting Link Relations : An Overview.

we are also adding a HackDay this year on Thursday (Aug-18) sponsored by Github. everyone gets to show up and work on building compliant hypermedia clients and servers based on the same microblogging hypermedia spec. attendees win prizes (like this cool Nerd Merit Badge and other geeky stuff) and we all get to test and compare our code in a relaxed uber-geeky hackathon.

At RESTFest, hacking is encouraged.

you'll find more on Thursday's activites in the HackDay 2011 FAQ

you should really be here

this is not a big event (last year there were about 20 attendees) and its not a flashy venue (well, we spend the weekend in the very hip NEXT Innovation Center) and we don't hold the event in some big fancy town (however, Greenville, SC is a great city). but you should really be here.

we have a great time, get to hear from some very smart folks, and share our ideas and interests in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. and that's basically another principle of RESTFest:

At RESTFest we all get to learn stuff and have fun doing it.

but if you can't be with us....

this year we have a special 'Diamond-level' sponsor who is helping us bring RESTFest to all those unfortunates who won't be able to attend this year's event. Twilio is the exclusive sponsor of the RESTFest Video Project. there will be professionals on-hand all three days to video-tape the entire event. current plans are to post the raw footage at the end of each day and (after the event) produce several edited videos that you can replay all year long.

Twilio is helping us fulfill another important principle of RESTFest:

RESTFest is an open, community event.

more on when and where the vids will be posted as things develop.

let's go!

so, if you want to enjoy a great extended weekend of REST and relaxation w/ some smart, funny, and engaging folks you need to pack up your stuff and come on down to Greenville, SC for RESTFest 2011.

i'll be ready for you!

(whadday think? too over the top? :D)