exyus distilled

2007-07-16 @ 22:00#

i did more work to distill my upper-level coding for the exyus framework this past week. now, XHTML pages take just a few lines of code to define (XML, XSLT, and optional caching info). the data handler code takes a bit more declaration (XSD, XML, XSLT, and some SQL data), but still is quite small and versatile. i can see some other options for more optimizations, but i'll hold off for now. i want to implement another sample app (beyond the simple blog) and see what shakes out from there.

[UrlPattern(@"/blogging/.xcs\??(.*)$")] public class home : pageHandler { public home() { this.TemplateXml = "/blogging/index.xml"; this.TemplateXsl = "/blogging/index.xsl"; this.MaxAge = 600; } } [UrlPattern("/data/weblogs/(.*).xcs")] public class weblogData : dataHandler { public weblogData() { this.ConnectionString = "mamund_personal_db"; this.UrlPattern = @"/data/weblogs/(.*).xcs\??(.*)$"; this.XHtmlNodes = "//body"; this.PostXsdFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-post.xsd"; this.PostXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-post.xsl"; this.PutXsdFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-put.xsd"; this.PutXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-put.xsl"; this.DeleteXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-delete.xsl"; this.GetXslFile = "~/documents/weblog/weblog-get.xsl"; } }