making s3 part of my domain

2007-07-22 @ 00:25#

i'm experimenting with's s3 for image storage. the idea is to offload my high-bandwidth items (images, zip, pdf, etc) to my s3 account and let amazon handle them for me. i'll have to pay for the bandwidth i use there, but it will (theoretically) be cheaper than paying for it directly through my hosting provider (that's another story).

i've had an s3 account for several months; i use it as an off-site backup of my workstation. now that i'm changing hosting providers, i've set up a DNS CNAME that stands in for my own sub-domain ( and points directly to my amazon account. i suspect there might be some leeching issues that could run up my bill (it's just pennies a month right now) and it's a bit of a pain to post things there (i'm using a cool firefox extension called s3fox for now), but i can see possibilities. amazon has both a SOAP and REST-ful API to work with, too. if the response and costs are reasonable, i'll proly dig into the API and craft a simple add-in to exyus to handle the task of moving files up to my s3 account.

i love services!