s3 upload tool

2007-08-08 @ 01:31#

i wrote my first amazon s3 code tonight. a simple thing that allows you to upload a file from your desktop into a selected s3 'bucket.' not hard at all, really. although, after digging into the C# library, it's pretty weak, imho.

i'm thinking of using s3 for images for my webs, but i'm not too sure. first, there's the whole 'upload to s3' thing. all out-of-band and non-standard, right now. second, i'm not yet sure how 'pay-as-you-go' will work out for me $$-wise. finally, today, while testing my app, s3 actually *fell down!* yep, stone cold unavail for several hours. not the kind of thing than encourages me.

anyway, it's an interesting idea and something i'm still considering.