added rss feed tonight

2007-08-08 @ 23:23#

[Valid RSS] i added an rss feed to the site tonight. was not very tough. i just used the XmlPageHandler and defined a template that formats the most recent blog posts as an RSS 2.0 resource. i should proly be using Atom, but i haven't groked that fully, yet.

also, i am still seeing something odd about how the XmlPageHandler handles XML encoding. as long as i serve the results with <xsl:output method="html"/>, it's all cool. when i try to serve it up with <xsl:output method="xml" /> things get funky for MSIE. i'm falling back to html for now (it results in a feed warning, but not an error (using feedvalidator). but i gotta figure that one out soon. it's really bugging me!

UPDATE:2007-08-09 00:17

it dawned on me that one of the things i can do to improve things a bit is do a better job of controlling the Content-Type header for the XmlPageHandler. it *was* always returnig text/html. now i have it *default* to text/html, but allow setting directly when defining the resource. that got rid of the warning from feed validator. now i wonder if this will help me with the encoding problem, too.