aiming for WSSE

2007-08-20 @ 18:59#

in preparing to widen the authentication support on my exyus framework, i've decided i want to support WSSE. mostly because i want to be able to play with it. along the way, i bumped into the AuthenticationManager class in .NET. this was added in 2.0 and i've never gotten a good look at it (stopped pouring over the APIs after 1.1).

seems like it's pretty interesting. in fact, if i understand it correctly, i think i can toss some of my own ExyusModule code completely and use this to craft plug-able auth modules for exyus instead. still need to do some digging to make sure i understand what's up, but this looks pretty cool.

what i *really* want to be able to do is by-pass the 'ugly' browser auth window and *still* use a strong HTTP Auth service. i know it's possible. i just need to work out the details.

update: 2007-08-23

i couldn't figure out how to use the AuthenticationManager class. might be really cool, bit i'm stumped. i got Basic and Digest Auth working on my own (using the *_Request events) so it's all good. maybe someday it will make sense to me and i'll feel silly for skipping it. wouldn't be the first time!