wfetch's digest auth support is borked

2007-08-22 @ 12:02#

afters spending a couple hours playing with my implementation of HTTP Digest Authentication, i'm starting to think that WFecth.exe is doing something goofy when it comes to crafting a response to servers.

my implementation works for MSIE, FF, and Safari just fine. event WGET and cURL handle things quite well. but WFetch just ends up in a race condition never passing back a valid response. man that stinks! i really *like* WFetch!

so, here's my plea. i know WFetch is shipped w/ MSFT's IIS Resource Toolkit. i know it's "not supported." but, please, is there someone - anyone - out ther that knows some details on how WFetch handles Digest Auth? anyone out there want to confess to working on this cool (unsupported) tool?

i'mhoping it's just a bug. but maybe there's some alternate way of crafting Digest responses (do RFC2069 and RFC2617 really differ on this?).

please, help me[g]