code is the enemy

2007-08-22 @ 17:55#

i just spent about twenty minutes tracking down a 'transient anomaly' that's been hitting one of our web pages for the past few days. it was kinda tough to produce, but i finally got it consistently today. and it was a hum-dinger.

turns out is was in code that i crafted to load some state information on the current request into an in-memory pile for passing about during the request. nothing too awful there. except that i wrote code that was buggy. and code that was not really needed since the framework (ASP.NET in this case) offered *most* of what i needed with it's property collection for the current request. i say *most* because our app is using state in a slightly different way. i thought i needed to build some data piece-by-piece to meet out needs. bad idea! i was able to fix the bug and reduce the code pile by about five lines. not a lot, but every bit helps. if i had done this from the start, i would have saved myself an hour work (plus pushing the compiled set to the test server for review).

yes, code is evil.