code clean-up for exyus

2007-09-01 @ 01:07#

i spent some time this evening doing some code clean-up in the exyus codebase. first, i stipped out some older code that was in there for 'safety' reasons. i usually mark code i no longer need by commenting it out and adding a date. after a while, i go back and delete the old code. often the functionality drifts to the point that i couldn't re-use the old code anyway!

second, i did additional refactoring of my URI-handling code. i use a custom attribute pattern inspired by Brad Wilson's Attribute-Based URL Dispatching in ASP.NET. i then use this information as part of a templating pattern (based on Joe Gregorio's URI Template proposal. in the process of putting these two cool things together, i got a bit sloppy. now, the code is cleaner and easier to re-use, when needed.

i also spent a bit of time on my client-side blog code (javascript). i cleaned up some error issues and generally tightened up the code. i still need to step up the client-code in a big way, but that will have to wait a bit more while i focus on the server-side for a while longer.

i still need to implement full support for ETags on PUT for the SqlXmlHandler and do a bit more to clean up the link between XSD/XSLT/XML and the compiled C# handlers. once that is done, i think the server-side will reach a new stability and i will move on to the client-side code and also start focusing on new application patterns to implement using the framework.