major code update for exyus

2007-09-04 @ 22:26#

i posted a major code update on the production server this evening. this covers a number of things i've been 'burn-testing' locally for the last couple weeks. i finally took the plunge and posted the current set. let's see how it goes[grin].

this has the new UriTemplate support in the server code. also has the custom ErrorModule to mask those ugly ASP.NET error pages (only for ASP.NET calls, of course). there are also a number of changes to the underlying code to improve local cache-handling (hopefully more pages will be delivered from the in-memory cache now). finally, i have added support for internal redirection (no need to rely on ISAPI Rewrite for all redirection).

it'll take a few days to beat this up, but i suspect it will go well. hopefully, i can post another round of updates that improves the interaction between SQL and the XML generation for XSLT. this is mostly all internal, but might require some changes to the XML/XSLT templates that generate the final XHTML.