testing w/ amaya this week

2007-09-05 @ 06:49#

i started testing my framework code against the amaya browser from w3.org. it's an interesting browser that has PUT support built in - very nice feature, actually! wish all browsers supported it. anyway, i started testing w/ it because it's really the 'standards-compliant' client. i figure if exyus works successfully w/ amaya, it's proly supporting HTTP/1.1 as it should.

i have already found a few issues. first, i couldn't get amaya to honor my ETags on PUTs. turns out i was not using quotations around my ETags (yep, that's in the spec!). amaya noticed the problem and kindly surrounded my ETag w/ quote marks. then all attempts at PUT failed! that's fixed.

i'm also getting unexpected behavior when the PUT completes. sometimes amaya reports "Transfer Interrupted!" other times it tells me the resulting document is possibly corrupted [Yikes!]. in both cases, the PUT completed successfully. i think this has something to do w/ my handling of XML utf-8/16 issues within C#. i had a problem early on and i implemented a bit of a 'hack' to get around it. looks like i need to dig into it a bit more.

i hope to try doing some (X)HTML editing with amaya next. that should be interesting!