kagle on C++ and REST

2007-09-13 @ 18:52#

Kurt Cagle posted an interesting article that reviews HTTP-REST from the standpoint of classic C++ programming patterns. actually rather interesting.

two itesm caught my attention. first, this quote regarding MVC:

There is a tendency to class MVC as a design “pattern” but I’ve become increasingly convinced that this tends to make people look upon MVC as simply another handy template for designing, rather than what I see as the “native” design of the web. The distinction between a web page and a web service that people make in their heads tends to be due to dismissing the importance of MVC here.

C++ and the RESTful Web by Kurt Cagle

the closing paragraph caught me eye, too:

Ultimately, I believe that as with move into a post OOP era, that the things that we need to examine most critically from the lessons of Bjarne Stroustrup are not the way to build structured data, but the way that we link that structured data together. Linkages build networks, and ultimately it is the shape of that network that will determine how the web itself evolves. It’s an interesting lesson to take home.

C++ and the RESTful Web by Kurt Cagle