javascript as a first-class language

2007-09-13 @ 21:08#

nicholas c. zakas makes some excellent points on how tools like GWT (Google Web Toolkit) have (the possibly unintended) effect of reducing the profile of Javascript as a first-class language. while GWT is handy for those who know Java, it's not a replacement for knowledgable Javascript programmers.

I've never been a fan of treating JavaScript like Assembly or some other low-level language, as if it's something to be compiled down to versus truly understanding

i had the same reaction last year when Nikhil Kothari posted his Script#, a 'compiler' that allows programmers to turn C# code into valid Javascript. a very cool project, but, imho, heading the wrong direction.

i agree with zakas when he says "The problem with this approach is that it doesn't solve the fundamental problem: the lack of good JavaScript developers."