HttpException and that's all

2007-09-18 @ 18:18#

i'm reviewing my code pile for the exyus engine and am starting to see a pattern. i use HTTPException quite a bit - *almost* always, but not quite. for my FileHandler i have a FileNotFoundException. i guess that makes sense. i also have a SqlExpcetion in the XmlSqlHandler. again, that makes sense.

but the real point is that all error reporting to the 'outside' world needs to be pure HttpException, right? i mean, that's the only thing that counts. i do this in most cases, but found a few times where i throw either the SQL... or File... exceptions or a generic ApplicationException. i plan on turning all these into HttpException. that way, the entire code set returns valid HTTP Status codes.

now if i could just get the .NET framework to properly spit out the extended HTTP Status Codes i am using...