exyus refresh - part 1

2007-09-21 @ 22:04#

i spent some time this evening refreshing several parts of the exyus engine. mostly, i cleaned out old code and tightened things up. over the last month, i've changed a number of things and had left the 'old code' in there, just i case. well, it's gone now!

also, i found an 'edge case' where my HTTP 304 was failing. this bug was introduced when i started testing with the W3C Amaya browser. turns out some internal routines that resolve templates for assembling the final response were no longer working. got that cleaned up, but no one will proly even notice!

finally, i made some additional changes to get everything responding w/ the XHTML DOCTYPE for text/html documents. i currently *do not* send application/xml as my ime type since that kills MSIE support anyway. but at least the outgoing XHTML documents are fully XHTML and the DOCTYPE is no longer lying[g]!