ok - i like schematron / skeleton

2007-09-25 @ 01:34#

finally sat down and pounded away at Schematron Skeleton (1.6) tonight and - i likes!

first, i like the idea of a two phase implementation:

  1. convert .SCH document into .XSL document
  2. validate .XML document using .XSL document

i'll admit, this two-phase thing was kinda 'nutty' to me at first. esp. since i've used Daniel Cazzulino's C#.NET direct implementation of Schematron before. but, after playing around, i like it alot. i feel like i have more control over things and can see exactly what's 'under the hood.' also, i like the two phase model because it's really an XML Pipeline approach - and i think there's gonna be lots more of that soon, too!

here's some resources that helped me get my head around the 'skeleton' approach. if you like the idea of better validation reporting for XML documents, check these out: