nick sez css sucks

2007-10-08 @ 22:26#

while i feel his pain...

How is it that CSS can suck this bad? It started out so promising and somewhere fell woefully behind the times. Why is it that creating multi-column layouts still requires trickery and some magic even after all this time? And why can I still not achieve the same type of layouts that I could easily do with tables?

but i don't quite share it.

first, i mentioned the YUI Grids recently and really like them a lot. actually, the YUI CSS library includes some additional sheets that make cross-browser CSS much easier. second, i think most of the problems w/ CSS have to do with *browsers*, not CSS (that why this kind of data is so depressing).

finally, i've learned to accept that the web browser is not the printed page. it won't be exact. "good" web UIs allow users to control the layout, size, etc. as needed. when i need *exact* display, i use XSL-FO to PDF instead.