2007-10-10 @ 14:58#

Douglas Crockford is trying to goose the javascript and browser communities into improving the security of the language before it's too late. to do that, he's created the notion of an ADSAFE object that could restrict scripts access to language features.

his JSLint program already provides a way to check for this kind of 'unsafe' code. now, he's making a challenge:

Write a program in this form:
(function () {
where the ... is replaced with code that calls the alert method on any browser when the script is loaded by an HTML page. Don't bother with XHTML. The script must go through JSLint with the ADsafe option with no errors or warnings.

i like the idea, but will it fly? it's quite possible that the success of javascript is due, in part, to it's lack of safety. imho, as systems become more 'safe' they most often become less accessible/friendly/popular.