semweb stymied?

2007-10-15 @ 11:32#

interesting POV from the thingamy world:

A form represents a person, an account, an address and many other real world objects. An article is a narrative describing many objects and referring to many more. Both have owners and authors and purposes - yet more, virtual or tangible, singular real world objects represented therein. So which part of the subject and object would the predicator apply to? What is actually related to what? In order to add precise relationships in the cloud, web objects need to be singular, each representing one single real or virtual object. Precise objects. It is all about knowledge. How objects relates to other objects equals knowledge. Not more, nor less, that's it. Knowledge in a nutshell. And without precise objects, no relationships can be precise and thus little knowledge created. And therefore no successful Semantic Web (all of the WWW that is) for awhile.

imho, there is a major hurdle (mental and technical) that is needed to move forward. the move from "relational db" thinking to "tuple thinking" tuples do not map to rows in a table. tupes do not map to a column in a table. tuples are just that - tuples: subject + predicate + object. i, for one, have not yet made the leap in that kind of thinking. am i the last one [grin]?