2007-10-15 @ 18:13#

nice post last week from Pete Lacey regarding taxonomy for network programming:

... NCC [ed - network centric computing] designs that take into account the vagaries of the network ... are termed netwok-oriented computing (NOC) designs. NOC systems have incorporated into their design the fact that networks are not reliable, do not have zero latency, etc. In contrast, there are NCC designs that attempt to abstract the network away, such as system exhibits a network-independent computing (NIC) design. Such a design attempts to ease the burden on the developer by modeling remote systems as if they were local.

i've spent most of my programming in the NIC world. i.e, working to make web programming look and feel like desktop programming. now i spend most of my time making network programming look like network programming. it's taken some time, but i like it a lot more.

count me in the NOC camp.