mvc for (again)

2007-10-15 @ 18:23#

scottgu posted last week on msft's plan to roll out a new MVC 'mod' for ASP.NET sometime in 2008.

i've not watched the video demo, but i will say that i'm skeptical at the outset. most post's i've seen on the topic make a point to say this new mod will allow folks to continue to use the existing ASPX/ASCX page model as before (but with MVC goodies attached). sounds sketchy to me. after spending quite a bit of time in this area, including watching the Astoria project, i find that attempts to get MVC/Rails-like features to with in the existing ASP.NET model will not work out well. better to start an entirely new branch that is fully HTTP/REST oriented in both programming and design.

i know scott pretty well and i know he's serious about what he's doing. scott was one of the driving forces behind ASP.NET itself. he's got the chops to make MVC work for ASP.NET. if anyone can pull this off, he can. but i've seen several MVC-type models come along in the last several years and they all seem to end up in the same state - unusable for production.

we'll see...