implemented conflate today

2007-11-13 @ 01:30#

i implemented the conflate.ashx handler on the live site today. pretty uneventful - and that's nice!

the point of conflate.ashx (mentioned in previous posts) is to reduce the number of HTTP calls to the server when loading CSS and JS files. there are lots of ways to do this. in my case, i provide a handler that accepts a comma-separated list of relative urls and conflates these files into a single delivery to the browser. i can now have a single call for all the JS files and a single call for all the CSS files needed for a page. in addition, i post the contents of the call into memory for later recall and mark the returned item with expiration caching to reduce calls to the server in general.

although the savings is minor for this blog, i use the same pattern at work where we load dozens of JS component scripts and several CSS files. and the saving there is noticeable. this is especially true since the apps at work serve hundreds, even thousands of users per day.