scottgu posts first mvc demo

2007-11-13 @ 09:35#

scottgu just posted a (first in a series) demo on using the new ASP.NET MVC library to build a simple storefront. i can see where they are going with this and, with some caveats, like the general idea.

if you've been troll here for a while, you knwo that i've sepnt the last several months working on my own rails-like library for ASP.NET - exyus. since the ASP.NET MVC is still a ways away from release (late 2008, i suspect), i have no immediate plans to abandon my own library. in fact, i think i'm going to take on the challenge of matching scottgu's demo apps with similar implementations within my own engine. that should prove interesting - possible to more than just myself [grin].

it's a grand idea. let's see how far it goes!