something about ASP.NET MVC is nagging me

2007-11-13 @ 18:46#

i'm trolling through the ASP.NET MVC demo that scottgu posted this week and, while it's really compelling, something kept nagging me in the back of my head. it's got all the 'important' stuff (Models, Views, and Controllers) but i was uncomfortable with the whole thing for some reason. then it hit me - Actions vs. Methods


i see ASP.NET MVC breaking out like this:

  • Class = Controller
  • Method = Action

looks like arguments are implemented as additional first class elements of the URL:

/website/controller/action/id = /myweb/products/detail/123

this is fine if you like the 'action' approach. but i don't. i'm a method man (now). i want to use HTTP methods (GET POST PUT DELETE HEAD) as my starting point.

and that's what's bugging me about the ASP.NET MVC implementation. while it's looking kinda 'REST-ful' it's not really there. the results are more 'Rails-like' instead.

not that there's anything *wrong* with that, mind you. it's just not for me.