more on MVC FX

2007-11-15 @ 15:22#

dino espisito (a very smart fellow) posted his observations on the MVC FX (ASP.NET MVC) work recently and it gives me an opportunity to make a few points of my own. here's the quote i'll lift from his post:

I see more REST than MVC in this model. And, more importantly, REST is a more appropriate pattern to describe what pages created with the MVC framework actually do.


i don't see much REST there. i see some REST-like mapping of the URL to a code class. i see the ability to map a function to a URL rather easily. but that's as far as it goes. i see no support for leveraging HTTP methods (GET POST PUT DELETE HEAD). i see no support for built-in caching of GET/HEAD requests. i see no support for ETags. and these just the basic REST-ian items to consider.

on a more pedantic level, stuffing "action words" into the URL is just a bad idea. and i can already see the questions about supporting POST-back and other 'ASP.NET-ish' items that will throw the offering even further off the REST path. so, more REST than MVC? that would leave me to think there's not too much MVC there, either!