multiple representations and caching

2007-11-19 @ 21:37#


as i started implementing support for the Accept header in my Exyus engine, it hit me. i also gotta support the Vary header!

so, right at this moment, my test system local cache is totally farkled! adding support for the Vary header will add a whole new dimension to the local caching pattern. wonder if i am missing something.

i need to populate the Vary header when i determine the content-type to deliver. i then need to store the header(s) ref'ed in the Vary header (so far, just the Accept header) with the cached item. that means i need to expand my local CacheObject. finally, when i inspect the cache to see if i can use the current item (or return 304 - Not Modified) i need to also include the headers in the Vary collection.

hmmm... more work