code-trimming in exyus

2007-12-06 @ 01:27#

scissors i started code-trimming this evening. that means i'm pulling out lots of 'old code', code that was tehre just for testing/monitoring, old ideas that never worked out, etc. feels pretty good. i was able to pull out over 200 lines of code today. that's the biggest part of it. there are some other minor sections that can be removed or conflated - factored away; but the bulk is done.

i'm going to be doing code review over the next week or so. i have some ideas on renaming some of the base classes. i am also starting to think about how things will look in the final release. primarily this is about which classes really need to be public and which should be set to protected. that will take a bit of time, but should not bee too difficult.

things are shaping up to the point where a public release will make sense. and all by the end of the year. slightly late, but still withing reason.