another exyus example article

2007-12-10 @ 22:28#

in keeping with my posts that parallel Scott Guthrie's ASP.NET MVC tutorials, i've created a slightly longer article that focuses on authoring view for exyus. in this case, i create an XHTML and an XML view of the same resource object to show how exyus supports multiple media-types without any additional code work.

this follows scottgu's third ASP.NET MVC post that covers view authoring, too. i'll just note that there quite a bit more 'trundling' with ASP.NET MVC views and (obviously) you need to use ASPX-tech to output the views. exyus uses XML/XSLT technologies and is (imho) easier to implement.

i see that Scott has already posted a piece on editing content using ASP.NET MVC. i'll post an example that supports read/write resources in exyus very soon.