progress on two fronts in exyus

2007-12-14 @ 14:28#

i made a bit of progress on two fronts in exyus today. first, i was able to add support for multiple media types for PUT/POST. not too difficult. now all resource classes have an UpdateMediaTypes collection that can (optionally) be populated with a string array of the supported media types. if none is supplied, exyus assumes that the MediaTypes attribute collection used for GET/HEAD is also valid for PUT/POST. no biggie. i need to finish off some testing, but that should be fine today.

in testing this, i created my first Atom [RFC4287] support. right now i transform my local comment XSD into an Atom document and vice versa. this allowed me to get my feet wet in the Atom world without jumping head first into the APP [RFC5023] pool. i'll start digging into it more and look forward to using Atom more often.

all in all, a decent day!