wrapping up 2007; on to 2008

2007-12-17 @ 21:39#

RDF book 2007 was my "year of living REST-fully." 2008 will be my "year of living Semantic-ally."

at this time last year, i decided to spend the entire calendar year digging into the details of HTTP and REST. i started slow, but picked up speed by summer. now that it's the end of the year, i have a fully-functional (well, almost) web engine (exyus) that follows, as closely as i know how, the basic REST constraints laid out in Fielding's 2000 dissertation that introduced the concept of REST. it's been a great year and, even with certain shortcomings acknowledged, i've learned a lot and am much the better for it.

now it's time to move on to 2008. my goal in this next year is to learn all i can about RDF and the Semantic Web. it's a much bigger topic and will take more from me to get my head around, but - again - i think it will be quite worth the effort. just like one year ago, i'm not exactly sure where this commitment will lead. but i *am* sure i'll enjoy the journey.