kinda stuck on exyus

2007-12-20 @ 06:00#

i've been kinda stuck on exyus updates this week. part of it is due to the impending holidays. lots to try to accomplish at work and at home in the final days of the year.

part of it is that i've finally had the 'light-bulb' over my head click on re: Atom. i've spent the last several days working out basic XSLT of POX into Atom and back again. i've even got a solid Atom feed-level document for collections of my POX objects. this is all good, but has caused me to rethink some other aspects of how i handle transformations in general within the exyus resource classes.

finally, i think the delay is also due to the fact that i'm in the final steps of locking in a decent beta to show others. i keep thinking that there's a few more things in need to cleanup or tweak before showing this to others. i think i'm dragging my binary feet a bit as a way to put off the inevitable 'coming out' moment.

wahtever. i need to get beyond this hump. make any final changes and post it to the web. the sooner the better.