LAMP scaling and SQL data

2007-12-25 @ 13:38#

interesting post on High Scalability today:

A very entertaining and somewhat educational article on IBM Poopheads say LAMP Users Need to "grow up". The physical three tier architecture turns out to be the root of all evil and shared nothing architectures brings simplicity and light.

comments go on to talk about memcached as a solution. but i think this follow up is important:

Memcached is a great solution for fine-grained caching, but it really only masks the scaling problem. It fixes the symptom. The "M" in the LAMP is really the problem with scaling. MySQL does not scale. Period. Monolithic SQL databases don't scale in any real way, no matter how you cluster them. Until people deal with this there won't be a readily available, scalable shared nothing service out there that isn't built on a massive scale (see Google, Yahoo's search engine, Amazon, etc).

so it's really about scaling data, eh? wonder if RDF/SPARQL is the solution?