finally editing with amaya

2007-12-26 @ 00:36#

i spent the evening working out niggling details between my exyus engine and the Amaya browser in editing mode.

i must say this turned out to be harder than i would have expected. i'm thinking that the amaya editor is not all that compliant when it comes to ETags ad the like. i needed to add support for Last-Modified as a request header - seems odd to me. and i didn't see amaya sending me back etags - that's very strange. maybe i am missing something on my end? finally, i needed to turn off the automatic GET after PUT feature. amaya kept telling me that the document was corrupt - when it wasn't.

so i can edit XHTML directly in amaya. not bad. there are some rough spots but this is kinda nice. it means i can do some simple document editing and creation without going too far into the details of defining new resources, etc. within exyus.

now i just need to do a final clean-up on the XSLT support (fixed a few bugs this evening) and i should be set to release a beta for others to check out.

btw - my next major project with exyus is to build an APP server. shouldn't be too tough.