cleaning up control docs in exyus

2008-01-03 @ 00:56#

i finally started cleaning up the control document handling in exyus this evening.

first, my idea to use a single XSLT document to handle all transformations for a resource is just plain *wrong* as soon as i wanted to handle a different mime-type, my idea was blown out of the water [sigh]. i'm back to using the following files:

  • args.xsl
  • get_request_{mtype}.xsl
  • get_response_{mtype}.xsl
  • post_request_{mtype}.xsl
  • post_response_{mtype}.xsl
  • put_request_{mtype}.xsl
  • pust_response_{mtype}.xsl
  • delete_request_{mtype}.xsl
  • delete_response_{mtype}.xsl

not all these are needed, but it handles all the cases i can think of. the default or fallback will be handled within the local file itself (using the <include /> element).

i tested this and it works well. just wish i could reduce the physical files...