getting into the svn groove

2008-01-12 @ 12:35#

now that i've posted the basic source code for *exyus* to googlecode, i'm making minor mods and getting to enjoy checking in the changes. at first, it was kind of a PITA to make the change, then check each one in. but now, i;m falling into teh habit of making a set of related changes and then checking them in all at once along with a short bit of comments.

along the way, i;m cleaning up the code, making it more 'accessible' (mentally) and simplifying things as much as possible. i think the StaticResource class (and related stuff) is doing well. next, i want to finish up the XmlFileResource class. once that's done, i should be able to put together a rather simple example that uses ATOM as well as other formats.

one good example is to implement a FOAF/hCard/vCard example.