took a break for some fun coding

2008-01-13 @ 21:33#

i took a break from working on the release version of *exyus* this weekend to help jesse with a new feature for this gaming sites - a web-based game-query tool. it didn't take long and it was fun!

we were able to find a decent pre-built library that can return valid (if sometimes incomplete) data from most of the popular gaming engines. next, i had to put together some code that accepted the inputs and generated an XML document with the results. took maybe an hour or sow w/ some tweaks for errors. then i needed to wrap it all up nice for use on the web. my solution was to script an ASHX (since i use ASP.NET). i made sure to use expiration caching, ETags, and compression, too. all nice and neat.

check out the results by hitting jesse's current Quake3 game server.