why *my* web server API doesn't suck

2008-01-23 @ 23:19#

stumbled upon mnot's post on how badly most web server frameworks handle things. it reminded me why i like the exyus framework i have been building over the last several months. it also reminded me that what i;m doing is not new. i'm fine with that. but i still really like my way of handling things:

using System;
using Exyus.Web;

namespace Exyus.Editable
    // full read/write via PUT w/ ETags
    public class editPages : XmlFileResource
        public editPages()
            this.ContentType = "text/html";
            this.UpdateMediaTypes = new string[] { "text/html" };
            this.AllowPost = false;
            this.AllowCreateOnPut = true;
            this.DocumentsFolder = "~/documents/editable/";
            this.StorageFolder = "~/storage/editable/";
            this.XHtmlNodes = new string[] { "//body" };
            this.LocalMaxAge = 600;
            this.ImmediateCacheUriTemplates = new string[]