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2008-01-25 @ 03:58#

i put together a simple demo app for exyus this evening. check it out

i was inspired by a thread on a private news list regarding this task list demo app built using ASP.NET's MVC and their ajax controls. i found the sample app pretty 'rangy.' while it starts out simple enough, things get pretty goofy once you start adding in the ajax and implementing the details of the UI. that's one of the reasons i prefer the approach in exyus. instead of creating an object, adding some methods, and then linking those methods to URLs my approach is to define the resource in an HTTP/REST manner and then implement a single HTTPResource class that defines the target.

i had fun building the app. and i found a bug, too! my XmlFileResource.Put() method had a duplicate line that drained an input stream then tried to read it again [sigh]. no probl. this app (well applet) was the first time i built something that offers the standard HTML FORM POST view by default, but also supports alternate mime-types. right now i am only supporting HTML (form-encoded) and XML. yeah, i know XML is not really a document type. but i started simple. i'll work up an ATOM version over the weekend.