posted exyus article tonight

2008-01-27 @ 22:30#

this evening i posted my first full-blown article on using the exyus engine. it was a bit more work than i'd remembered. i used to churn stuff like this out at a pretty regular clip 'back in the day.' but now it seems to take a bit more time and effort than i recall.

still, it was fun - and enlightening. as i was putting together the article, i realized that some parts of exyus are a bit 'wonky' and in need of some tweaks. i am also getting a better handle on explaining the notion of HTTP/REST ('programming with REST constraints) and what it really means to start thinking and working in a REST-ful way.

i also posted an announce on the rest-discuss list this evening. my initial post last week about 'outing exyus' got almost *no* response. i could see a bit of traffic to my blog and the exyus googlecode site, but not much else. kinda disappointing, but i'm hoping that will change over time.