exyus runtime updated - JSON inside

2008-02-03 @ 16:54#

i updated the exyus runtime this afternoon. i also updated the exyus main site. finally, i updated the TaskList. i even posted a new article covering a new command-line demo app called TaskList Client. it's been a fun week!

the biggest news for this release is the inclusion of JSON support 'in the box.' now, exyus can accept POST/PUT representations in JSON format. technically, exyus has supported JSON for HTTP GET - it's just a transform [g]. but now exyus has full support for JSON. i was able to do this relatively quickly because i found a solid C# library for JSON called Nii.JSON at the json.org site. not sure who wrote it. i think it was a port from a java library. anyway, it's solid and sweet. i needed to add my own routine to consistently convert incoming JSON into valid XML. took al bit of effort, but it's all cool now.

anyway, the new runtime is up and available. i had a good week!