2008-02-07 @ 22:28#

i;m in a lull this week from work on my exyus engine project. i'm kinda burned out...

but while i put off some of the heaving lifting i need to do to get to the next level, i've been doing some more reading. today i stumble upon this article on CREST - very interesting. in some ways, i'm already doing some of the Computational-REST things mentioned here. but i also recognize a couple items in exyus that have been nagging at my brain (like my cache-clearing code (that uses threads) are really my brain telling me that i need to be thinking about REST at the micro level, too.

there are several things that i found encouraging about the article. the idea that additional helpful constraints include the ability to move the locus of computing (for example using ajax-enabled clients instead of server-generated static pages). this makes sense. i also like th the section that restates REST in general. always good to see another (slightly) different view.

anyway, it's a useful paper. and it re-inforces some of my origianl thinking in implementing exyus. and it was an excellent way to spend the evening - instead of working on the code-base [g].