all you need...

2008-02-08 @ 20:34#

this (in part) was posted to the REST-discuss list today:

All the framework you need for most (MVC) applications is a URL dispatcher, a database layer or ORM, and a templating/presentation layer. In PHP, you have PDO, etc. for database layer, Smarty,XSLT, or PHP itself for templating, and you can write a URL dispatcher w/o too much difficulty.

while the thread was about PHP, i think this holds true for most all webserver coding environments. in fact, this is the heart of the approach i took w/ exyus last year. i focused on URL routing, templating via XML/XSLT, and data-storage (both file-based and relational). i also made mime-types and caching first-class elements in the engine. i even made it *hard* to create cookies and session state!

and *resources* are the primary focus of programming with the engine. check out how easy it is to define a read/write file-based resource that even supports ETags on PUT with this example.

this makes exyus REST-ful, context-free, and scalable. and that's a good thing, eh [grin]?