built a new exyus demo

2008-02-09 @ 01:28#

i've been focusing previous efforts on showing the high-end classes that encapsulate most of what exyus does. it makes sense. but maybe that's a bit much for folks. sometimes you just want to 'get down to the rubber' and do some simple coding.

so i created a sample app that uses the HTTPResource base class. in this demo, i replicated the ZipCheck ASHX sample i built last year. but this time i wrote it as a custom resource class (ZipCheck) in exyus.

i also 'spiced up' this version by adding support for more than just the default image/png mimetype. i also added support for:

  • text/xml
  • text/html
  • text/plain
  • application/json

took very little effort, really. and now it's a nice clean demo. i'll post it live this weekend along with a small article on the details.