REST is beautifully elegant

2008-03-02 @ 11:23#

Ganesh claims in his post that 'REST is beautifully elegant...'. i'm not a fan of most of his article on how to improve one's thinking when it comes to deploying SOA solutions, but i agree with this part:

By the way, REST is beautifully elegant, partly because it achieves the Viewpoint Flip without anyone even noticing. GET, PUT, POST, DELETE - these are all things that you do. They're not verbs that model the behaviour of resources. They're verbs that model what service consumers do to resources. When you adopt the REST model, you are unconsciously forced into service-oriented thinking and away from object-oriented thinking.

this is one of the reasons i stopped using SOAP and have been working so hard to learn and use REST-compliant HTTP. getting rid of verbs is a key step in flushing out old ways of thinking. i *like* the limiting factor of a small set of command (GET, HEAD, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS). i *like* the freedom of creating an unlimited about of end-points (URLs) to expose exactly the right resource needed to solve a problem. i *like* the requirement that each end-point support multiple representations (via mime types). i *like* the requirement that REST-compliant solutions must manage state in a way that support intermediary servers (proxies, caching servers, etc.).

i like REST!