fun with exyus

2008-03-12 @ 22:43#

last night, i got 'an itch' to put together a demo app that showed the preferred (REST-ful) way to handle updating the "status" field of an HTTP resource. i spent a few minutes mapping out the URI and HTTP methods. i then worked out the details of the field elements in the resource and sat down at the computer.

it took me about 10-15 minutes to build the T-SQL datatable and the accompanying sprocs. all in the MS-SQL Manger (very nice). it took me another five to ten minutes to whip up the two needed resrouce classes in exyus using VS2005 (could have been any editor, tho). and i then spent about 15-30 minutes writing the XSLT request/response transforms to handle the representation work (XML for the first pass). installing the documents and updated code on the server was as simple as copying the files and then - boom! a working demo in under 60 minutes.

along the way, i started to find some real fun in building with the exyus toolkit. now i need to figure out a way to get *others* just as excited!