codebreaker game for exyus

2008-03-25 @ 03:21#

i completed the first pass of my 'codebreaker' game for exyus. this is a simple guessing game between the user and the computer. the computer generates a string of four characters (using A-F) and the user gets ten tries to guess the proper letters in the proper order.

not a lot of interaction, but it requires multiple resources (games, attempts, answers, and landing pages) and a tiny bit of computation (generating the initial guess) and workflow (computing the scoring and marking winners, losers, etc.). so these all test the limits of the exyus and that's a good thing.

things went well, but i see that i did my scoring in T-SQL since it was easier than handling in the upper-level exyus classes. i'll need to revisit this pattern since it will not be typical. most of the workflow will appear in the code, not the database.

i'll clean up the game code and style it up later this week. i hope to post an article on it over the weekend.