codebreaker is now online

2008-04-02 @ 12:53#

as part on my ongoing effort to exercise the exyus web engine, i posted a simple online game called Codebreaker. it's pretty simple - you have ten tries to guess a four-letter code generated by the computer. the game is similar to Mastermind.

the version that's posted is pretty basic. you can play games and the syustem will keep track of your past games (using a browser-based cookie). in the future, i'll proly allow folks to create a login account that you can use to recall your games from any browser. i also have plans to add more stats and other 'community kinda stuff - all in the name of testing the web engine.

anyway, now that it's posted, i am looking for folks to test it out and provide feedback. so, take a few minutes and give it a try.